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Modern furniture trends

Minimalism and functionality in your bedroom, living room, dining room.

The modern style of interior design rejects the presence of abundant decor and a heap of furniture. In this interior everything is functional and laconic, in this sense the style closest to this style is minimalism. In the modern style, vivid colors and a variety of textures are actively used. Wood, glass, plastic, chrome - these are the materials inherent in modernity. Modern style is very versatile and allows you to experiment with the interior boldly.

What is the modern furniture style

Modern style - the exact opposite of the classics. He denies everything that she aspires to: lush forms, intricate rich decor, a heap of furniture and accessories. Everything is simple, laconic, nothing superfluous - just what is needed for life. In this he is similar to minimalism.

But do not think that it represents a technogenic trend in design, where only gadget fans can live. Simplicity and unpretentiousness of furniture in a modern style is by no means deprived of comfort and comfort.

In the color scheme, a variety is allowed, as, indeed, in the materials. In the interior can be combined at the same time wood, plastic, stone, metal, glass. After all, modern style is characterized by mixing - a combination of different trends, such as modern, high-tech, minimalism with notes of art deco and kitsch. Thus, it intersects the past and present, forming a game of contrasts

In addition, much attention is paid to the constructive execution of furniture for the rational use of the free space of the premises. Shelves, drawers, folding mechanisms - all this makes furniture as functional as possible.

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Modern style furniture - a new approach to elegance and comfort

Armchairs, beds and wardrobes, created in the modern style, are characterized by laconic lines and simplicity of shapes. The creators used non-standard approaches: bizarre outlines of interior objects, the absence of right angles, curved shapes resembling the contours of a flower, butterfly or bird. Luxurious furniture, made in modern trends, always has maximum comfort.

Upholstered furniture in the Art Nouveau style combines exterior elegance with convenience and functionality. Cabinets and beds, bedside tables and bookshelves, created within the framework of style, can easily fit into any interior, give it a fullness and "zest".

Where can you find a modern furniture hight quality?

If you want to buy stylish furniture in a house or apartment, look in our catalogs, where you can see photos of the best products, or visit our network of furniture stores. Our models combine geometric simplicity of shapes and unusual, asymmetrical bends, gentle halftones with bright shades. We will help you assemble the interior that you want: from the modest and functional to the refined and luxurious.

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